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Fox Sighting

image of Red Fox courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

I saw a red fox the other day. It was right after I made my first post at this site, so it has to be a good omen. I was walking through the park near my apartment and all of a sudden this animal came running across my path and ducked right into a small hole at the base of a large birch tree. It appeared that the animal was carrying a small rodent in its mouth, so there might be a den of young ones (called kits) inside.

The park consists of a small grassy area next to a large hospital, so the place sees a lot of visitors. The small stretch of land sits on a high ridge, where on a clear day you can see snow-covered Mt. Washington, located about 75 miles due west. All in all, not the place that you would expect to find a fox den, except for the fact that the ridge is almost a cliff and the hillside is so steep that the city had no choice but to leave the forest cover in tact. In fact, that wooded ridge plus a nearby cemetery provide the fox with a bountiful urban home and one that has no monthly rent or property tax. Lucky dog!

Way thinks have been going lately, I may be Mr. Fox’s newest next door neighbor.

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