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Woodchuck and Fox Share a Home

Woodchuck up a tree by D. Gordon E. Robertson coutesy Wikipedia

Woodchuck up a tree by D. Gordon E. Robertson courtesy Wikipedia

The other day I went by the hole in the ground, where I last saw the red fox. To my surprise there was a groundhog sitting not more than 10 yards away from the entrance to the underground lair. When the woodchuck saw me, he (or she) ducked into the den lickity split. Now, that whole episode sent me into a whirl, since I had previously seen a fox go inside the very same hole (or so I thought).

I went around for weeks in a silent stew. How could I have been so inaccurate about my observations. The only logical conclusion was that I was in desperate need of a new pair of glasses, for my current pair just wasn’t doing the job. I would have gone to an optometrist right then and there, except for the simple fact that I was behind on all my bills.

Only a small online article in Northern Woodlands saved me from a total acceptance of the indisputable fact that I was slowly going blind or nuts or both. Northern Woodlands runs a contest every week, where they place a photograph on the website and ask what is this? On this particular occasion they posted a picture of a whole in the side of a hill and then gave a list of possible residents, which included the woodchuck, rabbit, fox, badger and skunk.

From what I could tell the correct answer was obviously a woodchuck. So next week when the answer was posted, I almost did not click on the link to check the answer. When I finally did I was very surprised by the answer. All of the above animals can live in such a den and sometimes more than one kind of creature can dwell in the hole at the same time.

I guess I won’t need a new pair of glasses after all.

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