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Google Joins The E-book Market

The iLiad e-reader device

The iLiad e-reader device

Just yesterday Google announced that it was entering the e-book market with a program called Google e-books. With its already well-established base of  several million public domain books, Google quickly became the leading provider of e-book material in the public arena. Unlike Amazon or Barnes and Noble, they do this without the introduction of their own e-book reader. Instead their material will be available on open format pubs, so that these books can be read by on the B & N Nook, Sony E-reader as well as iPads, iPhones, netbooks, tablets, laptops, desktops and a few other devices I forgot to mention.

Although originally planned for a late summer release, Google did not completely accomplish the task until just this week. Not only does this underscore the rising popularity of the e-book, but it definitely changes the playing field a bit for both e-book readers and writers. For not only will Google be flooding the market with the free availability of old classics, where copyright is now considered in the public domain, but it will provide another avenue of publication for independent publishers and writers.

Surprisingly, this move is anticipated to aid independent booksellers. According to the president of the ABA, the Google now gives independent store owners their own platform where they can sell their own titles to interested parties. Right now the Google e-book titles are only available in the US, but soon they will go international.

E-book cover for Night of Yowling Dogs

E-book cover for Night of Yowling Dogs


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