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Four Red Chairs

Four Red Chairs

Now that I’ve decided to start using this blog to comment on writing, thought I would add a few words about some of the literary blogs that I enjoy visiting on a daily basis.

First of all there’s one of the most popular blogs operated anywhere in cyberspace by an individual. Just because Nathan Bransford has left his job at Curtis Brown as a literary agent and moved on to greener pastures, it does not mean he has stopped blogging about how to approach literary agents with manuscripts. In fact it is even possible that with his new job at CNET, he might even have more time to comment on the submission process. Nonetheless, his informative, popular and lively blog is worth checking out.

Another lively poster is Betsey Lerner at the Forest For the Trees. Betsey once published the very popular insiders guide to the editors world, called The Forest For the Trees. Today she keeps her literary career alive through public speaking, blogging and attending conferences. Her fun blog with the musical title will keep you coming back for more.

Another active place to visit with lots of timely posts is Chuck Sambuchino’s, “Guide To Literary Agents”. Chuck has recently joined the world of published bloggers with his humorous title and literary effort, “How To Survive a Gnome Attack”. I haven’t read the book, but the title definitely has me intrigued.

The Blood Red Pencil is a consortium of several bloggers that writes under this evocative handle. Their posts recently focused heavily on the developing strength of the e-book market, but over a longer period of time the posts tend to vary more. If you check out this weekday text you might info on such diverse topics as adding humor, writing the novel or exploring erotica. Check it out.

Query Tracker is a great way to research the thousands of available agents just to see which one might fit your editorial needs. But while you are cruising through the vast listings of literary agents be sure to check out their blog. No fancy name – it’s just known as the Query Tracker net Blog, but most viewers will enjoy their time spent here. Keep out for an occasional contest or open submission that is offered at this sight.

And last but not least is a great forum site called Absolute Write. No blogs here but many forums and lots of great info about markets, agents, what’s hot and much more.

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