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Saturn and its Rings Viewed from the Cassini Space Probe: Credit - NASA

Saturn and its Rings Viewed from the Cassini Space Probe: Credit - NASA

Searching around the blogosphere I have come across several informative and fun literary sites that I failed to mention is first go-around, while exploring the web. The first link goes to an old NY veteran, who blogs only occasionally. His name is Alan Rinzler, and he blogs at a site called The Book Deal. Even though Alan may only post as little as once or twice a month, his blurbs are usually worth the wait.

Slush Pile Hell is the screen name of an  anonymous agent who posts on an irregular basis. He blurbs usually begin with a sample taken from a perspective author who, while writing an agent for representation, has firmly stuck his literary foot in his foot in such a way that it is difficult to retrieve. The comic genius behind this blog has no qualms at making sure the foot stays there for some time.

And then from the land down under, there is a fun blog listed as “Call My Agent“.  Although oriented towards those who are approaching  Australian agents, the advice put forth by this anonymous and irregular agent can be used by anyone pursuing their literary muse.

Back in the states, it is important to remember that many fine literary agents exist outside of NYC and California, where the presence of Hollywood has created a bounty of these intriguing and necessary cogs in the publishing wheel. For an interesting look at what is happening between the two coasts, try visiting Rachelle Gardner’s window into an agent’s world. The blog is called Rants & Ramblings and the blogger is based in Denver, Colorado.

And finally last but certainly not least, is Pub Rants by Agent Kristin, another Denver area literary agent.  No Denver is not becoming the new literary center, it just happens to have two popular bloggers, who like to rant and rave about the publishing world.

Wall Street Skyline seen from the Brooklyn Bridge

Wall Street Skyline seen from the Brooklyn Bridge

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