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Oh Boy! Another Writing Contest

Roulette Wheel by Conor Ogle from Wikipedia

Roulette Wheel by Conor Ogle from Wikipedia

I love these agent sponsored writing contests that appear from time to time on agent blogging sites. I have never won anything, but the response time is minimal and since I have several manuscripts in various states of completion, it is never a big deal to get material together for a submission. The only drawback is that sometimes the event is limited to a particular genre like sci-fi or mystery romance, but over the course of a year a sizable number of these challenges come across the internet.

Yesterday, Nathan Bransford opened his annual first paragraph contest. Officially called the 4th Sort-of-Annual Fourth Stupendously  Ultimate First Paragraph Challenge, this event is open to anyone working on a novel-length WIP (work in progress). All entries will be pre-judged by Mr. Bransford and then judged by online readers, including many of the entrants. The ultimate winner will receive a review (first ten pages) from Catherine Drayton of Inkwell Management. The deadline is Thursday January 27th at 4 p.m. Pacific Time. For those who enjoy these kinds of contests, the blog of Nathan Bransford, is a good one to follow. One can only hope that now that Nathan has left the literary agent business, he will not discontinue hosting these type of contests.

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