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A World of Wonders

Bread & Apples, Quebec Roadside

Bread & Apples, Quebec Roadside

Yesterday a fascinating quote appeared at Buzz, Balls & Hype an interesting blog maintained by novelist MJ Rose. Here’s the quote;

“Education is a great shield against experience. ….. It makes you wise in some ways, but it can make you a blindfolded fool in others.”

–Robertson Davies, World of Wonders

However, everyone should note that this particular quote is culled from a guest post by Susan O’Doherty, who holds a P.H.D. in clinical psychology.

And in case you are wondering who Robertson Davies is, he was a Canadian writer was born in 1913 and died in 1995. He wrote many novels, including “The Deptford Trilogy”, which featured “World of Wonders” as the final manuscript. The “World of Wonders” is a story about a young boy, who runs away from home to join the circus. Even with just a minimal understanding of the plot, it is not difficult to see how the quote might appear in such a fictional tale.

So does education really act as a “shield against experience”. I’m sure it does, but one has to admit this is a very profound three-word phrase that was penned by one of Canada’s most profound novelist, who also spent over twenty years teaching literature at Trinity College in Toronto, Ontario. It was during this tenure that he wrote “World of Wonders” along with the rest of the “Deptford Trilogy”.

Writing is full of irony.




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