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Early Days of E-publishing


The first Kindle reading device appeared in 2007, ShakataGaNai from Wikipedia

The Kindle has only been around for three and a half years, but e-publishing is much older than that.  Ten years ago e-publishing was quite different, but it still was possible to put out a good title and get results by working the developing online community. MJ Rose and Angela Rose were two pioneers, who took to the new medium quite well. I remember buying their book, How To Publish and Promote Online, just after I bought my first computer in 2003. The book was very informative and fun to read, but unfortunately, my the motherboard on my used Mac went right after I made my purchase.

Most of the book is filled with good advice on self-promotion that still rings true, though the medium has changed greatly. The other portion is the fascinating overnight success story that followed Hoy, when she self-published a short manuscript written in an even shorter amount of time. I’m glad to report both women are still going strong today. Angela Hoy is known for her popular weekly writer’s zine entitled Writers Weekly, and her travels around the country in a RV camper. Her e-zine is fun to read and filled with helpful advice. She even pays for articles. Check the site for details.

On the other hand, M.J. Rose has developed into a successful novelist. Her two most recent efforts The Reincarnationist (2011) and the “The Hyponotist” are now widely available. Check out her previously mentioned blog, Buzz, Balls & Hype for more details.


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