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Smashwords Premium Catalog

E-book cover for The Sinister Snowman by Henri Bauhaus

E-book cover for The Sinister Snowman by Henri Bauhaus

Here is the cover for my first e-book, which is actually a 4,000 word short story about a snowman. The tale probably best fits into the fantasy category, but it contains satirical elements as well. The written piece can be downloaded from Smashwords for a meager sum of $0.99 USD onto most reading devices. E-book publishing is just coming into its own and is showing signs of becoming an important aspect of the literary world. I doubt that e-books will ever replace the paperback book, but it certainly appears that this new format will play a larger role in the daily life of the reading public, especially since many of the newer devices now come eqipped with Wi-Fi.

For those interested in converting a full-length book or short story to e-book format Smashwords provides an excellent venue for converting your manuscript, so it is comprehensible by all the major manufacturers of  reading devices. This is done through the publication of  a handy how-to manual called “The Style Guide”. Not only does Smashwords help you understand the ins and outs of formatting text and images, but they provide a viable platform for selling your written words.

Smashwords was started by a Silicon Valley veteran by the name of Mark Coker. It effectively works as both a publisher and distributor for e-book titles. Learning how to get your e-book into their premium catalog will help writers understand how e-book formatting works.

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