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Agreed To Read Conroy

Rainbow in Portland, Maine

Rainbow in Portland, Maine

This week I agreed to attend an adult reading group that meets once a month, all the while keeping my e-book self-publishing venture all to myself. This month’s read was a 100 page novel (some might call it a novella), titled “Dawn”. It was written by the noted Transylvanian writer, (no it’s not a vampire tale) Elie Wiesel. Though short, the story was very challenging, as it portrayed inner conflict as expressed by a Palestinian freedom fighters, who was heavily involved in a fight against the British to establish Israel as a country. The book raised a lot of philosophical questions on the reality of war and consequently a lively discussion followed.

Due to a scheduling conflict the next meeting is two months away. The reading assignment is “South of Broad“, which is written by perhaps the state’s best known author, Pat Conroy. The story takes place in Charleston during the last decades of the 20th century. I have read one of Conroy’s novels, “Beach Music” and also seen “The Prince of Tides” and have enjoyed both experiences. As a result I am looking forward to reading his latest effort, but figure I might need the extra time to get through the manuscript. It will be interesting to see how he portrays the historical city in this modern tale. The name of Conroy almost always produces a lively response here in the Palmetto State, so the next meeting should be fun.

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