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Aid To Japan

Map of Japan from Wikipedia

Map of Japan from Wikipedia

As Japan shifts from survival to recovery, many of those living in other parts of the world might be interested in donating to international aid organizations that are participating in the relief effort. A good overview of the process can be viewed at Matador Change, a website devoted to New Age travel. Much information is available here for donating to such international organizations as the American Red Cross, the International Medical Corps, Salvation Army, GlobalGiving, World Vision and Save the Children’s Emergency Fund.

Also mentioned in the article is something called, Authors for Japan Auction. This is a British sites where writers can bid for critique and editing services from publishing professionals. Bidders can be from anywhere in the world, but all offers must be in pounds. All donations, which also includes signed copies of hardback books, appear to have originated from UK citizens and donations to Japan are funneled through the British Red Cross.

Any finally, here is a link to a NY Times article that takes a look at the disaster from a Tokyo viewpoint. Incidentally, the article recommendation came from an acquaintance, who lives within 25 miles of the capitol.

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