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E-book Agents

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It had to happen sooner or later. Ebook agents that is. And according to a recent post at Guide To Literary Agents, at least one NY literary agency has now taken on an agent, who exclusively works with representation for ebooks – those nefarious new creations that can be purchased and downloaded on a variety of e-reading devices. Nooks, Kindles, Kobos, Cybooks and Sony readers are just few of the several dozen e-readers offered to literary connoisseurs around the world to download, store and display digital text. Now with an initial investment of  just over a hundred dollars, readers can access any one of the large mass of fiction and non-fiction titles that are currently available. Along with growth in sales of these handy devices has come a growing business for writers of novels, novellas, poetry, short stories and non-fiction.

Saritza Hernandez is probably not the only e-agent, but she is definitely the first that has come across my radar. According to the Guide To Literary Agents, she is associated with the L. Perkins Agency, a place that I have had positive dealings with in the past. Literary interests of this e-agent include Paranormal, sci-fi, steampunk, cyberpunk, fantasy, BDSM, historical (emphasis on Ancient Egypt, Caribbean/MesoAmerican), intercultural and all GLBT-themed erotica. This is a healthy sign that the literary world is changing and I would expect that in the near future, the niche of e-agent will expand to include a large and diverse field.

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