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500 Minutes

Out In Space, digital art by H. Bauhaus

Out In Space, digital art by H. Bauhaus

500 minutes! That’s how long it took me to upload my last short story to Smashwords. On the onset of my submission, I was #1396 in the queue. Finally, some eight hours and twenty minutes later my story was uploaded. Folks this is quite a change from the way things were only three or four weeks ago, when a similar submission would only take from 20 minutes to an hour and would be placed in a queue of less than a hundred. So what’s behind the sudden influx of self published e-books.

E-books have growing by leaps and bounds for the past several years, but everything took a quantum sales when January’s sales figures were released by Amazon and other e-book retailers. This December saw a healthy growth of e-readers that coincided with the Christmas season sales. And now all these newbie e-book owners are buying and reading more e-books. In 2010 Apple sold 15 million iPads and Amazon did 8 million with their Kindle reader.  Naturally, the popularity of this new reading device changes the playing field rapidly, allowing for anybody with only mediocre writing, editing and formatting skills to become a self-published author. However, becoming a well-read and financially successful self-publishing author is a whole different ballgame.


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