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The New Kindle Millionaires


Spiral Beyond the Stars ngc6384_hst_900

NGC 6384: Spiral Beyond the Stars Credit: ESA, Hubble, NASA

2011 sales figures from Amazon and other Ebook retailers are definitely on the rise. So much so that the term “Kindle Millionaires” is now a reality. ( many thanks to N. Bransford for that phrase) And within that realm, there are two names that keep popping up. And they are Amanda Hocking and J.A.Konrath (also known as Joe). Since each author has become very wealthy, they have earned the respect and scrutiny of the media and thus become the center of attention for the new phenomena. Each writer has a blog which is worth checking out, for each individual has shown a very different response to all the hoopla. J.A. Konrath’s blog is titled A Newbie Guide’s To Publishing and his counterpart, Ms. Hocking writes almost daily under the very original name of  Amanda Hocking’s Blog.

Amanda Hocking actually signed with an agent last October and seems to be busy concentrating on her writing, an admirable reaction to instant success for a young woman in her mid twenties. On the other hand Konrath seems to be enjoying the spotlight a lot more, at least according to his blog. He often posts online on how his sales are going, while describing in great detail, how many ebooks are being snatched up by hungry readers. Also he frequently does interviews with his author buddies of both genders about the new realities of ebook sales. At first, Konrath appears to have a bit of an axe to grind with the publishing industry.

But on further reader, his whole-hearted support of self-publishing comes from someone who has been down the paperback path. Joe does not seem so much against the publishers (he has actually recommended that younger authors seriously consider any such offer that might come their way), but he seems to have found his own niche as a self-published thriller author. And by the way things are going I’m sure he will soon have  more company.


Apollo Moon Buggy; credit NASA - Anaglyph by Erik van Meijgaarden

Apollo Moon Buggy; credit NASA - Anaglyph by Erik van Meijgaarden

One Response to “The New Kindle Millionaires”

  1. “Kindle Millionaires” I love it! Hopefully I’ll be joining their ranks soon.

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