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Book Deals

News about book deals are all over the internet today, especially a four-book offer St. Martin’s made to one of the ebook success stories, Amanda Hocking. Actually, the young lady from Minnesota made the post yesterday on her blog. It’s a very much needed in-depth discussion of why she chose to go with a mainstream publisher, when she could have made more money through her own self-publishing efforts. The article is a very good read and well worth the time for anyone seriously considering any type of publishing venture. By the way, career stability is the prime reason Hocking gives for her decision.

And from another big ebook author comes another positive story with a little more angst than than what is described in the above paragraph. No surprise that this first person account is posted on Konrath’s blog, but it is well worth taking the time to read both the story of  Kiana Davenport and the interview with Barry Eisler that was just posted last weekend. On the surface, the e-mail that the fiction author sent to J.A. Konrath is great PR for those at odds with the way the publishing business is going these days. However, underneath is a very warm and human story concerning a writer on the brink and how just marginal success with a collection of short stories, helped her out. Definitely worth a look.


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