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Best of Both Worlds


Green Stairs

Green Stairs

“Revision is where you earn your money – and if you haven’t made any money yet, revision is where you pay your dues.”  Sara Zarr

This is especially good advice for anyone entering the self-publishing field with their first publication. In fact, no matter how many times you have gone you over your manuscript, it pays to have a professional editor make a few corrections. Same goes with the self-published book cover, except in this case you would want the designer to take on the whole project. And if you can’t afford it, then that makes life more difficult, but trying to do everything yourself lessens your chances of success.

Another trend I have noticed lately, is the number of writers who have a finger in both pies. By this I am referring to traditionally published writers, who have either released out of print books as ebooks or added a collection of short stories on Amazon to supplement their print sales. Of course, this has to done very carefully, so as not to antagonize either party, but the financial dilemma many writers find themselves in theses days is quite discerning. The reality of declining tree book sales pitched against rapidly rising  ebook success has definitely changed the playing field. Still, even with the new e-publishing sales the percentage of  financially successful authors seems to remain the same. Even though hundreds of thousands titles are now available for e-readers, in all likelihood, only a small number of authors will find success.  In other words it still pays to know your audience and your market.

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