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Here Come The E-book Gurus

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Recent events in the e-publishing world have definitely changed the way we peruse, select and read books. For now, thanks to the popularity of many various electronic devices, it is possible to store and read numerous electronic books and stories in a very small virtual space. You can even download a short story that carries a meager price tag of 99 cents. Not surprisingly a few select authors have taken well to the new medium and made some outstanding profits. Not surprisingly, these historic events have been followed by numerous entrepreneurs, dedicated to making anyone with just a modest gift of gab into one of the “nouveau riche”. As with any endeavor, quality and expense of these educational efforts vary in quality and expense.

My First E-book Workshop

Several weeks ago I got very much intrigued by a Writers Digest workshop entitled, “How Writers Can Use Amazon To Boost Their Sales”. One of selling points for this hour and a half, listen-in conversation was inclusion of a book entitled, “Get Known Before The Book Deal”. Since I am still waiting for the book, I will give my impression of the workshop (I’m confident the book will arrive shortly). Basically, the workshop was presented in a concise, clear and professional manner. Within the hour and a half of permitted pertinent info was supplied as to how to take full advantage of Amazon features. Some of these things I was aware of and some I were not. My only dissent was that not much info was supplied in the allotted time frame.

Things I Have Learned On My Own

Every day as I spend an hour or two perusing my favorite blogs and sites on the webs, I see many offers for workshops, webinars and classes concerning the brave new world of electronic self publishing. Though I don’t feel up to the task of committing on the validity of each one of these opportunities, I can relate a few things I have learned.

Konrath’s Axiom

Joe Konrath has received a lot of attention and criticism because of his astounding financial success with e-self-publishing. Many of these developments can be read about on his blog. Much of the criticism directed at this author can be found by following the interviews, discussions, essays and opinions expressed within each post. His discussion and viewpoints on this new literary phenomena are well worth the time invested. However, his best bit of advice boils down to five words – “Write The Best Book You Can”.

No Shortcuts

In other words, there is no shortcut to good writing, for in this regard the new electronic media changes nothing. People want to read good stories that will entice, enthrall, titillate, thrill, frighten, scare and amaze. The writer’s challenge is really one of being a good storyteller. This reality is as old as the bible and is just as true today, maybe even more so. For you see with all the competition that is now coming into the new realm, it is more important than ever to write the best story you can.  This age-old axiom proves one simple point, “the more things change, the more things stay the same”.

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