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Kindle Expands To Germany

Green Window

Green Window

Yesterday Amazon announced that they now had a German division of Kindle ebooks to compliment their American and UK venues. At the same time it was stated that 650,000 titles are presently being offered, including 25,000 written in German. Although German readers have some capacity for reading and speaking English, this new development with probably have little effect on sales of English writers. (Last check on my German Kindle page revealed no sales) However, it does open a viable market, for those who have the resources to translate their stories into Deutsch.

Hidden behind this new development is the more than likely scenario that Amazon’s kindles and e-books in general will be spreading to other languages and locales around the world. In the western hemisphere alone, the addition of Spanish, Portuguese and French seems like a likely development. Personally, I can’t wait until e-books markets are developed for the Mayan language.

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