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The Art of War For Writers

Spicules: Jets on the Sun

Spicules: Jets on the Sun

“He wins his battles by making no mistakes.” Sun Tzu

A Hard to Define Genre

I love to  read books about writing, especially when they are written by financially-successful practitioners of the craft. Some of my favorite authors in this unusual genre include Stephen King, Ray Bradbury and Natalie Goldberg. In fact, King’s book entitled “On Writing” happens to be the only piece of writing by the horror master that I have ever read, though I did watch the TV version of the Shankshaw Redemption.  Even after having lived in the great state of Maine for 15 years, this fact still stands true.

The Art of War

However, recently I came across a new title, which I have just added to the top of my list of book titles of writing. The book is called “The Art of War For Writers” and it is written by James Scott Bell a  successful bestselling novelist, known for such titles as “Watch Your Back”, “The Whole Truth”, “Deceived” and “No Legal Grounds”. The author also contributes to a blog called the “Kill Zone”. He has also penned a book on writing skills, entitled “Writing Fiction (for all you’re worth)”.

Sun Tzu

Not surprisingly, Art of War For Writers makes a strong reference and parallel to the philosophy put forth by the Chinese writer and military strategist,  Sun Tzu,who wrote the original classic over 2,000 years ago. Bell successfully divides his manuscript into three sections and interlaces his timely advice with occasional quotes from the Chinese sage. Each bit of advice is enclosed in a small chapter, where one aspect of the writing experience is briefly discussed. Overall, the collection of antidotes and clever advice makes a great leisure read and sound advice for fiction writers.

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