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Is This the New Wave?

Surfer Mavericks Competition - photo by Shalom Jacobovitz from Wikipedia

Surfer Mavericks Competition - photo by Shalom Jacobovitz from Wikipedia

The Future of Ebooks

Are ebooks the wave of the future? What about ebook apps for handheld mobile devices such as iphones, smart phones and androids. If you haven’t gotten use to the fast-growing market of the ebook market on Kindle, Nooks and Kobos, there is a new field of communication devices that can download much info, including ebooks, so it conveniently appears on your smart phone or iphone.


As of this month a new deal has been announced between Scrollmotion and Smashwords. For those of you left out in the dark, Smashwords is a major distributor and published of all types of ebooks, while Scrollmotion is a  company that publishes digital material on many mobile devices. Beginning this week the two companies began preparations that willmake Smashword ebook titles available on a very large percentage of mobile applications, including Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and WebOS. Nobody knows just how this will play out, but for those with available work in the Smashwords Premium catalog, the potential for gain could be expected from some of these authors.

Time Line

According to Smashwords blog, the first titles should start appearing around the end of this month. So in reality it may take the course of the summer, until we know how well this merger is working. Though not much press had been directed to the merger, it is definitely something to watch on the ebook scene.

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