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Good Day To Read A Book

Dawn Redwood In Boston Public Garden

Dawn Redwood In Boston Public Garden - the dawn redwood was discovered in southwest China after WWII and since then the relative of the California redwood has been successfully planted in temperate regions around the globe.

 Spring Weather

Unless you happen to reside near the banks of the Mississippi, this weekend might be a good time to grab a book, head outdoors and escape to another world, or just a different time and place. For many parts, cooler weather may still be in place, at least that’s the situation here in the Carolinas. Memorial Day and the beginning of barbecue season is still a week away, so why not curl up under a nice shade tree and take a literary journey. Most likely, the world will still be here on Monday morning, unless you happen to believe in those doomsday prophecies. Chances are also good that no great words of wisdom will come emulating from any of the presidential candidates, the Arab Spring will still be making headlines and ebooks will still be outselling tree books. What else do you need to the know?

P.S. I’ll be reading the Power and the Glory by Graham Greene.

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