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Indie Bookstores

Closed down chain store

Closed down chain store

Empty Venues

South Carolina is filled with many empty malls and superstores. The retail around the state capitol is especially bleak, as there are even a few places, where a whole strip mall lays bare. As one drives by a few of these places, the overall mood is melancholy, for it is never good to see so many places out of businesses. Hopefully, the law of supply and demand will kick in and these closures will only spur on smaller and different venues that are successful.

Fate of The Big Book Chains

Also near my winter residence are a Barnes & Noble and a Books-a-Million. In fact there are located surprisingly close together. I am visited both places, since I first arrived here with my last visit to B & N, being just a few days ago. The Starbucks coffee tasted great and I enjoyed my stroll through the bookshelves, where I was able to see what new titles was being displayed and advertised. But I did notice that the number of potential book buyers seemed very low. I reckon that if the economy doesn’t improve, B & N will have a competitive advantage because of their ebook sales. As Borders has recently found out, sizing up the advent of new technology may be vital to the success of a business, especially a large one.

Is This True

Then this story recently appeared on another blog. (A Newbies Guide To Publishing) The title is a little catchy, but the bottom line seems to be that some booksellers are considering disallowing  books from Amazon’s Thomas and Mercer to be sold. Much discussion follows as to what bookstores can do to enhance their sales. Some of the suggestions include selling used books and of course selling ebooks.

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