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Ebook Bestsellers

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Visiting An Old Friend

This past weekend I was a guest at a friend’s house and so I was fortunate to have a chance to glance over the NY Times. One of the big surprises was the listing of ebook sellers. I guess this shows how often I get to read to the New York publication. Surprisingly, none of the ebook gurus, who frequent the blogosphere made the big list. Instead, paperback bestsellers like Sara Gruen (Water for Elephants) and Emily Giffin (Something Borrowed) found the top spots.

About The List

The NY Times has been publishing this list since the early part of 2011 and provides both a fiction and non-fiction list for interested readers. It is now included with the other bestselling categories, but the list seems limited to those authors, who publish e-books as an offshoot to a major list paperback or hard cover title. Missing are the self-publishing renegades, whose sales numbers have sometimes gone through the roof, despite the fact that they lack a traditional publisher.

Next Logical Question

I guess the next logical question would be how does the NY Times determine its bestseller lists and what are the actual sales number. Actually, this is a long drawn-out calculation that has a logic all its own. Unfortunately nobody but the Times really seems to understand the logic, for the process does find a way to keep some popular authors off the list.

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