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The Stats Are In

Peekabo Building in Pennsylvania

Peekabo Building in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania

Mini Vacation Ended

For anybody who visits this blog on a regular or irregular basis, you might have noticed that I have been silent for a week or so. The reason for this has been a brief journey I made to Pennsylvania with my mother. She is now headed back to the Carolinas and I am headed for northern New England, most likely the Boston area. We had a chance to spend some pleasant days in the central mountains of the state. which was a welcome relief from the southern heat. The picture is of the Sullivan County Courthouse, as it towers above a steel pre-fab building and it is a pleasant reminder of my PA visit. Now, I can return to blogging and all those other wonderful things that writers do to support themselves.

Ebook Data

First quarter sales for 2011 have recently been announced and to nobody’s surprise ebook sales are up. In fact, according to Publisher Weekly, they are up by 159 %, while print sales have dropped in the average of about 20 %. However, it should be noted that sales of religious books increased along with the ebook sales. This is a startling set of statisitics, but it should be noted that the sales for ebooks increased faster during January and February, perhaps due to post-Christmas buying.

Off The Cuff Analysis

In pure numbers ebooks outsold paperbacks by quite a bit – 233 million to 133 million during the quarter, so it is difficult to attribute the difference to free ebooks that are on occasion made available to the reading public. Also one must take into account that since the data is accumulated by a publishers media journal, independent self-publishing figures may not be included. Those numbers might throw the difference even higher. So are ebooks going to replace tree books. In my opinion this outcome is not completely likely, but an overall increase of readers seem to be on the way. And this is a good thing.

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