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My New Novel, Acadian Rendezvous

Cover for Acadian Rendezvous

Cover for Acadian Rendezvous

Simple Beginning

This 80,000 word novel started out as a short story. The tale was originally entitled “The Art Critics”, but I changed the name to “A Night In Old New Orleans”. You can read the 6,000  word story here on Smashwords. After I completed the short story, I signed up from the November novel writing event at NanoWriMo. I spent the whole month working on a completely different novel than the one I posted up at Smashwords. Then I showed a synopsis to a friend who was an agent for screenwriters. He liked the concept behind the story, but I have not put much effort into the second manuscript. Then I showed the short story called “The Art Critics” to the screenplay agent and he liked that also.

Query Before Revision

Then I went to town on the Art Critics. I wrote several more stories about New Orleans, then tackled the section about New Mexico and would the thing up with a trip back east by my main characters. Along the way, I incorporated a bunch of other short stories into the manuscript into it vaguely resembled a novel. Then, as if it was a bottle of wine I let it sit for about a year. About a year ago I started rewriting and querying. I only received three requests for partials out of nearly a 100 inquiries. So I gave up on the queries and kept on with the revision. Just this past June, I published the completed manuscript, even though I could not afford an editor. The front cover is also of my own making.  I’m glad it’s done with for now I can return to the original manuscript I tackled during national writing month. Still I’m pleased as punch that I was able to create a novel out out of a short story.

Looking Back

In looking back I’m glad I took the circuitous route, even though the method was probably a bit unorthodox. The biggest thrill was sending out the queries to prospective agents and waiting for their replies. I am now looking forward to completing novel #2, so I can do the same thing again.  I know the urge is to query too soon and I’m sure this will be a big problem as I get close to finishing  my second long story. In the mean time you can check out Acadian Rendezvous. It should be a fun read.

Acadian Rendezvous features a long cross country bus ride.

Acadian Rendezvous features a long cross country bus ride.

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