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What I Learned From Demand Studios

glass of beer

Sometimes a glass of beer helps time pass and allows one to retroflect.

One Month Out

It’s been one month, since I got that final e-mail/ form letter that let me know that my services were no longer needed at DMS. For a while I lapsed into what can medically be described as Post Demand Media Syndrome or (PMDS). However, my nightly consumption of beer has decreased, and I am now using my daytime hours to locate other methods of income, both on and off  the internet. Self-pity has all but evaporated, and I often contemplate why I did make more efforts to diversify my income, though I must admit my efforts were not nil. At other times, I confront my bad luck and wish that my relationship with the large internet company could have lasted a bit  longer, for the bad news could not have come at a worse time.


For me the disheartening fact of my dismissal rides on the fact that it immediately followed my most productive month ever at DS. Unfortunately, along with that increased productivity, came a few extra rejections and a grammar rating that dropped a few points. Still, the fact that my very productive month was not taken into account, rattles around my brain like ping pong balls at a busy Bingo Hall.

Lack of Personal Contact Rules the Web

Another sore point is the lack of personal contact, both at the time of dismissal and during my three year writing period. My face-to-face meeting consisted of a 1 1/2 hour meetup at a Japanese restaurant in NC with one of the editors, but that one hour meeting was quite productive and I never sensed any negative energy from the person with whom I met. I should add that more meetings of this sort were possible, if I had chosen to pursue that avenue further. In fact, of all the internet organizations I have dealt with only DS and Mediabistro ever produced any actual personal contact – and those at Mediabistro were all in the way of paid classes. Since I left DS, I have approached other companies for writing assignments etc., yet e-mail remains the only means of communication. If the DS of the future involves fewer persons, who actively stay in touch by other means than e-mail, then all this letting go of writers could be a good thing.

Can Adsense Help

Since the first week of August, my only successes include the addition of Google Adsense and linking it to several article sites like Barrel Info and Hubpages. This is no substitute for short term income that came my way through DS, but there is the advantage that income earned in this manner does not have a 60 month limit, as it did on Demand Studios Revenue Sharing Program.

Looking Back 

Through this whole episode, I am very much looking forward to using the internet indifferent ways to produce just as good or even a better income than I did with DS. I think that as time passes, I will be able to find more ways to make money, while not limiting my efforts to such a narrow range of topics.

Think Free

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