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Short Story Revival

Circus Tent

Big Tents are used for circuses and rekigious revivals

Short Story Revival

There is a good bit of speculation and even some proof that the rise of e-books might rejuvenate the short story. One such piece of evidence are the single e-books now offered by Amazon on their Kindle format. Several months age Amazon started a program, where authors and/or publishers can submit medium length e-books with a length between 5,000 and 30,000 words. As defined by Amazon a single is an ebook with  a focused theme and defined length. For the Kindle singles program the best material consists of short stories, novellas and narrative non-fiction memoir. Since Amazon must approve each single title, any submitted material must conform to these guidelines. Still, just the introduction of such a program by Amazon is bound to help at least a few of those, who write in the shorter formats.

Other Venues

Fortunately, Amazon is not the only venue out there. Sony, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Borders are just some of the other players in the ebook market. My experience with self publishing as an unknown artists definitely suggests that shorter works sell better with 5,000 to 10,000 being a good range for optimum sales. Once a genre or topic area is decided upon, readers with ebook devices are faced with thousands of choices. Unless the author is a big name, shorter works seem to sell better and cover art work is extremely important in getting a prospective buyer to take a closer look. Among my titles at Smashwords, only two of my flash fiction pieces have generated reviews. Since these works are both free and run to a length of about 1,000 words, these two factors appear to be very important in attracting readers.

New Ways To Sell Short Stories

Alan Rinzler, an editor publishing insider, has devoted an entire  blog post to this very matter. Not only does the New York editor touch on the Amazon Kindler program, but he also highlights two publishers, whom seem particularly friendly towards promoting and publishing narrative non-fiction. Overall, Mr. Rinzler is very upbeat about how the e-publishing world could become a good market for high quality short fiction. This is very good news, especially on the heels of the demise of major magazine markets like Atlantic Monthly and Saturday Evening Post.

In the Shadow of Saturn

In the Shadow of Saturn Image Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA

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