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October Is National Book Month

Reading Room at the Boston Public Library

Reading Room at the Boston Public Library

Tough Times For Bookstores

Even in today’s floundering economy a book is a good investment. For the most part prices are holding their own or dropping because booksellers are so anxious to increase their sales. Just recently I purchased, Charles Yu’s “How Yo Survive A Science Fiction Universe” at Barnes & Noble. The book was displayed in the New & Notable section, plus the paperback price had been discounted 20 %. Also, I joined the B & N book club at the same time and received another hefty 20% discount on my next purchase. All I can say is that it is not a good time to be opening a book store. Times must be pretty hard in this business.

At The Library

The National Book Month has always been well received at public libraries. For one it allows these vital institutions to display their favorite books and even more important, put on special events of programs. The autumn month of October is conveniently used to promote books and reading. This works well because school is now in full session and shorter days and longer nights are on the way. This might mean more reading time for a few people.

By the way, the library, where I am now situated (Des Moines Public Library in Iowa), is offering several special events to celebrate the literary month. First and foremost is an interesting looking play entitled, The Shadow of the Raven. It is a tale about Edgar Allan Poe, featuring excerpts from the ‘Raven’, ‘The Telltale Heart’ and ‘Annabel Lee’. Almost of importance is a book reading being given by Wendy Delsol, a local Iowa writer and author of “Frost“, which is a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s, ‘A Snow Queen’. Ms. Delsol will be at the Des Public Library on October 18 to read and discuss her book.

Does National Library Month include E-books

That’s a complex question that I really can’t answer with a yes or no. However, I will throw in my two cents in and say that the national month of activities does not exclude e-books, but still, it is oriented towards activities that include actual tree books. I have yet to see an author give a public reading from a Kindle or a Nook, but I am sure that day is coming. To my knowledge most public readings still feature a table full of books that are available for browsing and purchase.

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