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Demand Studios Cutbacks On Upfront Articles

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News From Demand Studios

Since I am no longer sanctioned as a DS writer, I have to get my news second hand through places like Demand Studios Review. This spot on the internet has been unusually quiet lately, but their was a thread at Absolute Write Water Cooler that caught my eye. The forum was placed under the category of  SEO/ Content/ Blog Networks and was called ‘Content Writers: Are We In For A Massive Shakeup’. The first post appeared earlier this week and there has been moderate response since.

What’s Happening At DS

In essence, the post says that at the present, DS has stopped placing articles in the writer’s queue for possible selection and completion.  This means that at the present no articles are currently available to approved writers. Unfortunately, I can’t verify this development because I did not pass the recent August evaluation. But if it is true, this indicates that the heyday for writing quick articles at DS are over. As a result those who have been depending on Demand Studios for their bi-weekly income will have to look somewhere else to find a livelihood. This definitely hurts those that are dependent on this company for their income, but as I found out it early August, it pays to diversify your writing clients to prevent a downturn in one company’s business from seriously affecting your monthly income.
Is Demand Studios In Trouble

Since DS went public back in January, the value of its stock has plummeted. Though not good news for those who invested early with DS, the economic health in the company may not be in dire straits. As I write Demand Studios is currently making money on all writing that is posted at the various sites around the web. This includes the “biggie”, eHow, plus many of their auxilary  sites like ‘Livestrong‘, Trails.com, GolfLink.com, Mania.com, and Cracked.com. So to survive all this company has to do is bring in more money than it is putting out. By the look of this weeks activities, DS just drastically cut their expenses without seriously affecting earned income. Perhaps with good planning Demand Media, as they are also called, will be around for a while. They just will not be outlaying large sums of money to content writers.

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