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Flash Novels

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The Writer

Recently in the December issue of The Writer magazine, there appeared an article on ‘Flash Novels’ by Nancy Stohlman, a Colorado writer, who already has several books and an opera to her credit. In thi one page article article, Nancy embarks on a short discussion of a brave, new literary art form called the ‘Flash Novel’. If you have hypothesized that this kind of manuscript, might be an extension of the ever-more-popular ‘Flash Fiction’ short story you are right on the money. Collect two hundred dollars next time you pass go.

An Extension of Flash Fiction

According to Ms. Stohlman, the Flash Novel consists of numerous stand alone Flash Fiction stories that average between 500 and 1500 words. All total the story might run 75 to 150 pages and could exceed 50,000 words, yet still all the stories must connect to reveal a full-bodied tale. According to the author, a Flash Novel differs from regular fiction in that every sentence and even avery word carries more wight and is more important. Cinematic in scope, Flash Novels sound like they are tailor-made for the “age of the internet” and the advent of the e-book. 

Examples of Flash Novels

Besides her own creative effort entitled, “Searching For Suzi”, Stohlman cites “Jesus’ Son” by Denis Johnson, “The Pink Institution” by Selah Saterstrom and “The Book of Jon” by Eleni Sikeelianos as examples of flash novels. It seems also that the flash novel might be a valuable tool for screen writers, who wish to publish their efforts as fiction.

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