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NaNoWriMo Ends


Across the Center of Centauris

 Across the Center of Centauris

No More Late Nights (or early mornings)

I have a confession to make. This year I have not been burning the midnight oil in order to complete NaNoWriMo. In fact, I have been often going to bed between the hours of 9:30 and 10:30 p.m.

Instead, I have been arising  long before the sun comes bursting across the horizon in an ill-fated attempt to reach the magical 50,000 words. Actually, 50,000 words is a bit on the short side for a completed novice. Skilled novelists ought to be thinking more in the 75,000-100,000 word count, for a completed novel. However, anyone who completes the 50,000 word exercise, will should have a much greater understanding of how this writing process works.

Low Word Count

As of  3:07 Central Standard time I have completed just a little shy of 15,000 words in my fledgling murder mystery. Although well beyond the short story stage, this number falls way short of the 50k that has become the draconian cut-off line in creating a finished novel. However, my meager beginning has given me a sense of where the story is headed and how the characters relate to each other. Who can ask for more?

Storyline Description

My literary effort can be best described as a bovine murder mystery, which also operates on a second level as a satire on the rash of Scandinavian Crime fiction that has hit the bookstores over the past few years.

At the top of this heap is the Stieg Larsson series based around the female investigator, named Lisbeth Salander. My storyline centers on Harvey A. Martini, a novice P.I., who by ways of a gross example of miscommunication comes to a rural farm from a large Northeastern urban area to investigate the errant shooting of a dairy cow by an errant hunter. What evolves is a story of revenge and mayhem that goes way beyond the suggested simple plot of the story.

Future Plans

I had great future plans to finish the first manuscript by the first of the year and perhaps begin the submission process in early summer. However, my slow progression with the story may make these deadlines impossible to reach. Nonetheless, I am getting the story down in the hand written form, which is one of the basic objectives of the first draft. What happens after that is a long ways off.


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