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Winter in Santa Fe

December 23, 2011

Blue Door with Wreath in Santa Fe Local Santa Fe Color Today, I returned to Santa Fe, NM for the first time in 15 years and to my surprise the place looked very much the same as when I last saw the New Mexico mountain town. The main difference was that the city was bathed […]

Reading Old Short Stories

December 11, 2011

Paperback Collections of Short Stories Recently, at my place to stay, I came across a old much used paperback edition of short stories edited by the English writer, V.S. Pritchett. More formally known as Sir Victor Sawdon Pritchett, the British author was born in 1900 and lived until 1997, making th man an excellent chronicler […]

Thoughts from A NaNoWriMo Loser

December 6, 2011

 Winners & Losers All you have to do to win during the national writing month of November is to enter 50,000 words or more into the National Novel Writing Month website and you get access to a little banner that you can display on your website or comments around the internet. Presumily, the words have […]

A Reader of Scandinavian Crime Fiction

December 1, 2011

Northern Lights in Sweden with the rarely seen blue flames, courtesy of Wikipedia, picture by Varjisakka. What Is Scandinavian Crime Fiction Scandinavian Crime Fiction is a literary art form that easily falls under the category of Crime Fiction or even “Mystery”. The main difference between the mystery authors of Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark is that […]