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Winter in Santa Fe

wreath and door
Blue Door with Wreath in Santa Fe

Local Santa Fe Color

Today, I returned to Santa Fe, NM for the first time in 15 years and to my surprise the place looked very much the same as when I last saw the New Mexico mountain town. The main difference was that the city was bathed in a fresh coating of snow. The weather was very cold, but scenery was spectacular. As a result, I was inspired to walk around the main plaza and downtown area and snap off a few pictures with my camera. The door with the wreath was shot on Canyon Road.

Snow on table
Snow-covered table in Santa Fe

Definitely A White Christmas

Despite its kitch and redundant Southwestern theme, I still enjoy walking down Canyon Road, a narrow scenic city lane filled with galleries. In this regard, I did sense a greater abundance of trendy landscapes with intense colors, but could not find the old name enterprises that displayed works from early in the 20th century. My guess is that over the last fifteen years, major art museums have acquired the old-style artists.

So without the opportunity to look up these guys and gals, there was nothing left to do but walk around and take pictures and occasionally wander inside for a hot cup of coffee. Also new is the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, but I have not gotten around to visiting this place yet. Though, I do look forward to that day very much.

Blue-green window with Indian pottery
Blue-green window with Indian pottery

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