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My Literary Resolutions for 2012

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Major Changes For Me In 2012

My life has already undergone major changes and the year is only a few days old with the end of the Christmas season still a day or two away. (Don’t forget there are 12 days in Christmas). Since the week before Christmas Day, I have been living in northern New Mexico. First stop was Albuquerque, then Santa Fe and now I am in Taos. Most likely seasonal employment will keep me in this northernmost location until spring, perhaps longer. Northern New Mexico has a strong visual landscape, as anyone who moves here from other parts of the country can testify to. Setting aside the presence of mountains, mesas and deserts, here are my literary resolutions for 2012.

The List

1. Read more. During the last few months of 2011, I delved through several books from Scandinavia. Stieg Larsson’s trilogy was not included, but several titles by other crime fiction writers were.

2. Join Write1, Sub1. This nifty little site takes a big heads up from Ray Bradbury and encourages participants to write one short or short-short story per week. Less ambitious writers can opt for the one-a-month participation level. Since I do well well with Flash fiction, this may be a good venue for me.

3. Get my laptop out of the shop. I dropped it a few months ago, but fortunately the only thing that busted was the off-on switch. Now it’s fixed and since I have rejoined the W-2 workforce, I can now afford to give the repair shop the necessary monetary funds to reclaim my invaluable writer’s tool.

4. Stop writing content. Demand Studios was the only online shop, where I ever made any sizeable chunk of change. And even that place was a house of diminishing returns. My best year was the first one (they even gave me a $50 dollar Christmas bonus), but now I have been dismissed via the evaluation program, so any future income through DS is out of the question except through the ongoing revenue sharing program.

5. Have more fun. Presently, I am employed with the ski industry in the Rockies and so I now spend one day a week cruising down the mountains. It’s a great lift for the soul and it’s fun.

6. Finish my novel. I started it during NaNoWriMo and by Christmas I had half of a first draft written out on paper. Still a ways a go with this one, but I think I will take my time from hereout.

7. Talk to other writers and creative people. Over the last few years I have locked myself in a shell, while I tried to make a living off the internet. In the process I missed out on a lot of good things. Enough said.

Well there are my new year’s resolutions. I realize they are coming in a bit late, but look on the bright side, there are still 355 days left to get in sync with 2012.


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