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Books On Screenwriting

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The Books

Recently, I have taken advantage of some extra spare time and delved into several books on screenwriting. The titles involved include “Tales from the Script” edited by Peter Hanson and Paul Herman, “The Screenwriter’s Bible” by David Trotier and “The Whole Picture” by Richard Walter. Each book was fun to read in its own unique way. Individual the manuscripts provided many interesting insights and antidotes, while collectively they covered many aspects of what a budding screenwriter needs to know.

50 Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Story 

Tales From The Script is all about what successful screenwriters have to say about their craft. Compiled from numerous interviews conducted in 2007 and 2oo8, the writers pretty much give an insiders view of writing for the movies and TV. The text includes comments from such Hollywood legends as William Golden, Nora Ephron and John August, along with insights from lesser-known folk. And for those who don’t like to read, there is a CD that can be purchased online at http://www.talesfromthescript.com.

The Screenwriter’s Bible

For those interested in the nuts and bolts of writing a screenplay, you might want to check out this intriguing title. Here, between the covers novice writers will find the most pages of practical information. From concept to the actual writing to trying sell your finished project, there is much good information here.

A Professor’s View

From the hallowed halls of UCLA’s famed film school comes my favorite discourse on the subject, The Whole Picture. The number of UCLA film school grads, who have broken into the screenwriting circuit is impressive. Yet still, Walter emphasizes time and time again that Hollywood is still open to fresh and unique ideas. This observation seems to run contrary to popular opinion, though the author successfully backs it up time and time again. After I finished this literary effort, I felt I had a better picture of what might sell and how to get to that point. This particular piece also mentions other texts that might be of interest to an upcoming screenwriter. Still, one needs to remember that these books are no substitute for putting ass to the chair and doing some actual writing.

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