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Marilyn, The Reader

Monroe statue taken down

Marilyn Monroe statue in Chicago is taken down, Reuters

In the News

Today, I turned on one of those morning news TV programs and learned that the Marilyn Monroe statue in Chicago was being taken down and moved to Palm Springs, CA. To be honest I never knew such an art creation had been put up. Once I realized what the statue was and what it represented, I think I was happy to see it go. I think the people of Chicago will be glad, but I’m not so certain about the two-legged residents of Palm Springs,  California. Maybe the giant likeness of Marilyn  is destined to become part of the “Burning Man” Festival that is held every fall, not too far from the popular desert retreat.

Anyway, maybe there is a better way to honor the so very popular, matinee  idol. No don’t get me wrong, I think that Ms. Monroe’s scene from the ‘Seven Year Itch’, where she walks above the NYC air vent and lets the updrafts reveal her panties is one of Hollywood’s classic scenes. There is nothing wrong with remembering it.

However, the statue in Chicago just seems to be at least a little bit in bad taste and I’m glad the Windy City residents finally had a enough common sense to take it down. Good riddance! Somehow the opportunity to stand underneath a giant-sized plastic likeness of Marilyn Monroe and stare up her dress, seems like an activity relegated  for those who dwell on the outer edges of sanity.

Las Vegas Graphics

Elvis and Marilyn in Las Vegas

Marilyn Impersonators

I don’t even mind all the Marilyn impersonators that memorize the scene at places like the Las Vegas strip. Here, one can walk along the sidewalk and at the chosen casino see one or more attractive blond and buxom models wearing the similar attire that she adorned in the film and placed so that conveniently located updrafts raise the woman’s skirt high in the air. In fact, female Marilyn dress-alikes are just starting to appear in many places, but they have a long way to go until they catch up will the Elvis clones.

Marilyn the reader

Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Poets and Writers Magazine

Marilyn, The Reader 

Actually, the former Ms. Monroe had an intellectual side that was well hidden by her bubbling and effervescent sex appeal that surrounded her during her living years. Her interest in literary pursuits is clearly shown here, as the young actress takes time off from the shooting of the misfits to read Ulysses, by James Joyce, one of the longest and most involved of 20th century novels.

Another interesting aspect of Marilyn Monroe’s life was her marriage to the writer and playwright, Arthur Miller. Married in 1956, this was Marilyn’s third marriage and Arthur’s second. Perhaps the following quote might shed some light on Marilyn’s fascination with the literary world.

“If I were nothing but a dumb blonde, he wouldn’t have married me.” — Marilyn Monroe on Arthur Miller

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