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Babbling Scott Eagan

Star Formation in the Tarantula Nebula

Star Formation in the Tarantula Nebula
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, D. Lennon (ESA/STScI) et al., and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Babbling With Scott

I must admit that over the past year I have followed Scott Eagan’s blog with much anticipation and interest, even though I am not a Romance writer and I can’t see myself ever becoming one in the near future. That is because Scott’s daily (M-F) comments cover a much broader range than the Romance writers, who write for the Harlequin Line, which seems to be the main publisher for Mr. Eagan’s clients. I followed ‘Babbles’ mainly because Scott’s daily musing applied aptly to almost any genre of fiction writing.

Strange Coincidence

Two days ago when I went to the website, there appeared something very strange – a large blank space. At first glance, it appeared to be a mere glitch in programming, but then while perusing around the web, I found out that there may more here than first meets the eye. It seems that Scott has recently posted a blog defending Harlequin Romances, which now has been taken down. For a reading of the missing blog you can go here, and read all about it. Seems to me Mr. Eagan has just stepped into some dodo.

Uncle Remus illustration by Norman Rockwell

Uncle Remus illustration by Norman Rockwell

“Youk’n hide de fier, but w’at you gwine do wid de smoke?”  Uncle Remus

Harlequin Romances

The problem here is two-fold. First, it is coming out that Harlequin Romance authors don’t make much money. In fact, you might say they get paid peanuts. All of this is well documented over at Joe Konrath’s A Newbie Guide To Publishing in an article entitled, Harlequin Fail.

The other problem concerns ethics. Is Scott Eagan an independent agent like he claims to be – or – does he just work for Harlequin?

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