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(Incomplete) Honor List For Screenwritng Blogs

Mars has a hole

A Hole in Mars
Image Credit: NASA, JPL, U. Arizona – photo taken by robotic Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter currently circling Mars.

Current Situation 

Just recently I did a google search for screenwriting blogs and came across a site that listed the top 25 by various ways, including Google, Alexa, Bing and Compete, plus a few others. However, when I tried to visit some of the sites listed, I found that many of the links were dead or hadn’t posted in a year or more. As a result I decided I would put together my own list. Though not as thorough, this accumulation should give readers a general idea to what’s going on with screenwriters and screenwriters.

Major Players

John August got 1st place among the list compiled at many of the search engines. And since John is still actively blogging, he gets an easy conclusion here. If you haven’t heard of this person, he wrote a screenplay for Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride and Charlie’s Angels (the movie). Also included here should be Screenwriting for Hollywood, which explores the world of Hollywood films.

Lesser Knowns

The Bitter Script Reader is an interesting blog posted by a real life script reader, who goes by the pen name of Zuul. Also of interest is Go Into The Story, a blog put out by screenwriter and educator Scott Myers. Though Scott does not have the credentials of August, his postings are still worth a look.  And if you are interested in script reading, you might want to check out the postings at ScriptReader Pro. They even occasionally post adds for script reading positions.

One of my personal favorites has come to be Screenwriting From Iowa, which is kind of a hodgepodge of views on screenwriting taken from the cornfields of this most interesting and often overlooked Midwestern state. Scott Smith is the force behind this outlook into screenwriting. Be sure to check out his post on Woody Allen, which includes a very funny video clip of Woody Allen boxing a kangeroo, before he became a filmmaker.

So there you go. This is just a start and remember blogging is a constantly changing scene, so there will be many more entering the field while others exit. Good night and good luck.

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