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Ebook Covers

Pastel sketch of a Snowman and his mailbox

Pastel sketch for a Flash fiction story entitled, The Letter

The Book Cover

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”, English idiom. This little saying may be true, but when it comes to selling a book, all of a sudden the cover becomes very important, especially in today’s world, where our ability to create images has been greatly increased by broadcast television, digital imagery and communications satellites. Even in a bookstore, where a buyer is faced with thousands of possible titles, that small rectangular space on the front is oh so important in making the sale. And come to think of it, so is the back and even that long space on the spine that holds just the title and the name of the author. This latter surface becomes important when perspective buyers see the book neatly stacked on a shelf with just the long narrow strip of the side exposed. In this situation a combination of bold letters and striking colors often works to attract the reader’s attention.

A New Art Form

“As I’ve said a gazillion times, a professional cover boosts sales”, Joe Konrath

In today’s world the average visitor is daily bombarded with an infinite number of visual images. Combine this reality with the fact that ebook covers tend to be rather minute in the overall scope of things, and you will probably come to the conclusion that producing an small electronic image, which catches the reader’s eye might be considered something of a new century art form. Not only are ebook covers small, but they often appear on electronic media like they are backlit. This takes a special amount of awareness from the designer to meet all these conditions. No wonder many writers use a professional artist to create an ebook cover.

My Experience

I have jumped into making my own ebook covers for two important reason. Lack of money and some ability to work with visual images. The above drawing was created to illustrate a flash fiction piece about a snowman waiting for a letter. I had fun making the image, but overall it underscores the advantage of hiring this job out. Still, mainly by the process of osmosis, my designing ability has improved. In fact, I am quite pleased with my latest cover made for a chapbook of travel stories that I just self-published at Smashwords. You can find the image below.

To create this image I used  Photoshop Elements II software. First I downloaded the background image from NASA, which is a good source of photographs. Just be sure to check the source, for many images posted here are copyrighted. All Hubblecraft pics, like this one here are in the public domain and free for public use. Next I added the plate and the jelly doughnut, which I found at Wikipedia, another good source of free photos. Last but not least came the next, which was typed in using the curved function of Photoshop.

Also posted below are a few more examples of ebook covers.

Ebook Cover for I Am a Jelly Doughnut

Ebook Cover for I Am a Jelly Doughnut, text and artwork by Henri Bauholz

The cover for Acadian Rendezvous was based on one of my own photos. The building is the Landmark Hotel in Portland, Maine. It has nothing to do with the story, but it looks sharp as the front image. It was enhanced in Photoshop with the posterization effect and then text was added.

Ebook cover for Acadian Rendezvous

Ebook cover for Acadian Rendezvous, a novel by Henri Bauhaus

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