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If You Write, Some of Your Ideas Are Going To Be Stolen

giraffe by Kopp-delaney

High by H. Koppdelaney, who allows some use of his images through Creative Commons

About The Visual Artist

I first became aware of Hartwig. Kopp-delaney, when I had a list of 30 travel quotes accepted and published at Brave New Traveler, a popular and offbeat online Zen travel journal, where I have been an infrequent contributor. Along with my humorous words, the editors added a funny photo of a guy in snow looking at a girl in a phone booth, entitled A Matter of the Heart. As it turns out Mr. Kopp-delaney is a well-known maker of Zen images, who delights in sharing his work through Creative Commons.

Perhaps it is best to let Hartwig sum up this generous attitude towards sharing his artwork in concurrence with the deeply spiritual Zen attitude, which he firmly believes in.

“My artwork is just present on the internet. As the creative act (the kiss of the Muses) already has a good vibration, it is an important incentive, not the money.”

Writers Take Chances

Then recently I came across this fascinating little statement, sent to me in an e-mail by Phil Gladwin at Screenwriting Goldmine, a popular online screenwriting journal and blog.

“There is one thing that is certain in the field of creative writing. If you never show any of your product to anybody, your ideas will never be stolen.”

And along similar lines here is another article at Scriptmag, which delves deeper into the shadowy world of author theft.

There is a beautiful quote here.  “Good writers borrow, great writers steal.”  Offhand I can think of some other popular sayings to back this idea up; with the first and foremost being:   “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Will Your Idea Get Stolen?
Only if it’s any good. For example, if the idea is poorly thought out or downright lousy, then probably you will have nothing to worry about. However, a unique idea or approach to a storyline will likely bring out the copycats. Maybe the best thing to do is to send yourself an email documenting time and date of your latest entry and keep on writing, keeping in mind that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Ooops, I think somebody already said that.
More Thievery
And I just couldn’t resist including one more of Kopp-delaney’s images.
The Businessman by H. Kopp-delaney

The Businessman by H. Kopp-delaney

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