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Three Down, Two To Go – Some Thoughts After Reading Digital Fortress

Spiral Galaxy NGC 5033

Spiral Galaxy NGC 5033
Image Credit & Copyright: Adam Block, Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, University of Arizona

The Digital Fortress

I just completed Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. It’s the third book I’ve read by the super-successful writer (also include Angels and Demons along with The DaVinci Code), and in my opinion the most interesting and coherent of  the three books. Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of an evening with Deception Point or the most recently released, The Lost Symbol. I prefer Digital Fortress over Angels and Demons because of the stronger ending. Though A & D has an intense story line, it suffers from a hard-to-believe ending. I was glad to see that the Angels and Demons movie has a substantially different (and improved) grand finale than the one in the book.

What’s It About

Without giving away too much of the story, Digital Fortress takes place in Washington, D.C. at a high-command computer and data center and also simultaneously in Seville, Spain, when an innocent college professor is sent there by the government to retrieve a small object of considerable importance. Like all of Brown’s novel, this is a page turner, which races through the events of one very long weekend. The novel contains several finely woven storylines that revolves around the two main characters, a young man and woman, in love, who unwillingly find themselves thrust into dangerous situations that are way over their heads. The book could also be labeled a modern-techno thriller, for their is much espionage and spying that goes on surrounding the vast realms of cyber-space the government uses to keep track of its enemies both at home and abroad.

The Palau de la Generalitat houses the offices of the Presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya

The Palau de la Generalitat houses the offices of the Presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunyaphoto by Generalitat de Catalunya

Is There A Movie Due

I have found no evidence of a movie in the works, concerning Digital Fortress. By the way this novel was published in 1998 and is the first of all of Dan Brown’s popular novels. However, his latest novel, The Lost Symbol (2009) will be released as a movie sometime in the future, though no date has been announced.

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