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How To Make A Million Dollars Writing Mystery Thrillers (Money back guarantee)

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Everyday I see quite a lot of advice on how to write better or reach wider markets. While the bulk of the advice seems fine and dandy, very little of it is aimed at anyone who wishes to follow in the financially successful footsteps of a Stephen King, Sandra Brown or James Paterson. To fill this void, I decided to give my two cents worth on the subject.

1. Skip the MFA

A MFA is a great degree to have and hold, especially if you desire a tenured position at a university and like to use long flowery sentences to create literary fiction. Otherwise, skip the time and expense and go to step two.

2. Read extensively In the Genre

Read everything you can in the genre starting , beginning with Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and continuing up to the present, including such up and coming literary stars as Brad Thor, Diane Capri or Jo Nesbo.

3. Develop a Complex Spinetingling Storyline

To compete in today’s market, you need to move past the “it was Miss Scarlet  in the parlor with a candlestick” mentality. Instead you need complex plots woven together with the skill of an experienced seamstress.

4. Make Sure You Know How to Write Short Straightforward Sentences and Catchy, Witty and Believable Dialogue

Don’t beat around the bush. Just let the language tell the story in simple sentences mixed liberally with hip, saucy dialogue. Wanna learn how to write good dialogue. Go out and read a bunch of Elmore Leornard books.

5. Revise and Rewrite at Least a Dozen Times

Despite the best efforts of National Novel Writing Month, one draft does not suffice a finished manuscript.

6. A Good Title Is a Must

Can’t say much about this requirement, except that you good titles are like an epiphany. They can come to you at any time – even when you are fast asleep.

7. Use a Pen Name If You have To

If you were born with a name like Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., you might want to change it to something more practical….like John Denver or Elvis Costello.

8. Submit Your Manuscript To Literary Agents and Watch The Money Roll In

Just remember to have a little patience and don’t count your chickens before you hatch.

These rules were culled from my daily observations and journeys through cyberspace. As of yet, I have not reached the magic number with six zeros, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

U.S. Money, photo from Library of Congress

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