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My Favorite Aspect of Being a Writer

Two gold coins from Demark and Sweden, from Wikipedia

Two gold coins from Demark and Sweden, from Wikipedia









What is your favorite aspect of being a writer?

My favorite aspect of being a writer is getting paid and right behind that is the thrill of seeing something in print, including online. Of course, it sort of goes without saying that you can’t get paid something until you finish; so there is also a lot of satisfaction in finishing an article or a story. And that means finishing the written piece to the extent that it does not need any more editing before you send it out.


5 Responses to “My Favorite Aspect of Being a Writer”

  1. Seeing something in print and gettting paid is pretty awesome!

  2. Hi Henri! I’m visiting as an IWSG member today. I got a kick out of your honesty ~ wouldn’t we all love to write a best seller and earn some great royalties! I’ve never been paid for being a writer other than seeing something of mine in print ~ which was definitely thrilling! And certainly my husband would dearly love to see me earn something through my writing. Meanwhile I’ll just keep plugging away. Good luck with your writing in November.

  3. Funny, but in providing my response to this month’s question, I didn’t even think about the money side of things. But now that you mention it, getting a check in the mail is pretty doggone fantastic, isn’t it? It’s like getting paid for… breathing!

  4. One leads right to the other!
    Welcome to the IWSG.

  5. My main source of writing income has been from writing content. It’s no picnic and lately, I have not been very active in that regard. Every now and then I do manage to sell an article or a short story, in which case I am more jubilant. But these sales are few and far between. That’s my reality.

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