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Why I’m Not Participating In NaNoWriMo This Year

NASA experiment, Image taken during a session of the Burning and Suppression of Solids (BASS) experiment











Numero uno is burnout. Since July, I have been busy working on a YA novel. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the project has split two-for-one into a MG novel and a YA novel. All total the word count is about twice what I originally planned. It’s now at 100,000, 35,000 for the MG story and 65,000 for the YA sequel. If I can sell both, then that’ll be great, but right now I’m not even close to making a sale. I’m still going through what seems like an endless string of revisions. To tackle another heavy writing project at this time would be ludicrous.








The Agents

Literary agents have responded to NaNoWriMo in a funny way. They aren’t really interested. In fact, many close down shop for December and January to avoid the deluge of queries and of course enjoy the holidays. I think if I was a literary agent, I would much prefer drinking eggnog to combing through a swarm of half-baked manuscripts. And if I did look at any manuscripts, I probably would have to imbibe a large number of glasses of eggnog before I did.

So for right now, I am trying to get all my queries out before Thanksgiving, so I don’t get buried in large mass of e-mails that gets sent out in December and January. You might say that I could mention the fact that my literary effort is not part of any NaNoWriMo writing group, but somehow I feel any new communication sent out during this time period, will be swallowed up and not get the attention that I think it deserves.

Eggnog is better than NaNoWriMo

Eggnog is better than NaNoWriMo

What I Like About NaNoWriMo

My first full length literary effort was inspired by NaNoWriMo. I barely made the 50,000 word deadline, but I kept writing, so by the middle of spring, I had a revised manuscript that I felt pretty good about. Beta readers agreed, but literary agents did not. So in retrospective, NaNoWriMo can get Newbie writers the confidence to undertake and complete a fledgling first draft of a very short novel. Keep in mind that today, most novels fall in the 75,000-90,000 word range. Still, completing 50,000 coherent words is something to jump up and down and holler about, but chances are it is not ready to be sent to an agent.

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