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Thanksgiving Classics


Steve Martin and John Candy star in the classic Thanksgiving story, Planes, Trains and Automobiles








It’s Thanksgiving Time Again

I don’t think any other country has a holiday quite like Thanksgiving. Canada almost does, but there “Celebration” falls right on top of Columbus Day and is the last major holiday before Christmas. For Americans, Thanksgiving is kind of a prelude to Christmas in that it initiates the X-mas shopping season, while still giving the general public a four day window to feast, celebrate and relax, if they play their cards right. And if you do find the time to relax, you might enjoy one of the following three movies, all made over twenty years ago. Does this mean modern day film makers are losing their storytelling ability?

Arlo Guthrie, not only wrote the song, but also starred in the movie, called Alice's Restaurant

Arlo Guthrie, not only wrote the song, but also starred in the movie, called Alice’s Restaurant. However, the script for the movie was not created by Arlo.









Alice’s Restaurant

If you are going to watch the movie, you definitely need to check out the song first. It is actually called Alice’s Restaurant Massacree, is only eighteen and a half minutes long (the exact amount of time that Richard Nixon erased from his Watergate tapes) and features Arlo Guthrie’s whacky Okie storytelling skill at its finest. Recorded in 1967, the song helped earn Arlo a spot at Woodstock.

The movie came out in 1969 and not only featured Arlo, along with a few minor actors, but also included the real-life Officer Obie, Police Chief William Obanhein. Definitely, check this movie out for a satirical look at life in the late 60s, when the Vietnam War was still going full bore.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was first aired on American TV in 1973

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was first aired on American TV in 1973
















A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

First broadcast on network TV in 1973, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is still shown on American TV, usually on Thanksgiving night. Viewers of all ages will enjoy this sad-eyed romp into Charlie’s adultless world, as Charlie and his gang try to figure how to enjoy Thanksgiving feast with limited cooking skills.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a funny Hollywood “buddy” film made in 1987. It featured two big name actors, Steve Martin and John Candy, as each one delivered one of their better film performances in this wintry travel saga. The storyline consists of two men, one successful and one not, each trying to find their way back home on a busy Thanksgiving holiday. Fate brings them together, as they encounter one obstacle after another in their trip across the heartland of America.

The Twenty-first Century

Even though we are well into a new century, Thanksgiving hasn’t changed all that much. Perhaps, we have more football games on TV, and more businesses willing to open their doors at all kinds of weird hours on Black Friday. But all in all, Thanksgiving is all about roast turkey, pumpkin pie and some sort of realization that the pilgrims and New England natives did enjoy 50 years of peace before going at each other throats. I guess its time for another classic Thanksgiving movie, good for the ages to come.




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