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Five Years Down the Road

The Italian Mansion of the late Gore Vidal overlooked the Mediterranean

The Italian Mansion of the late Gore Vidal overlooked the Mediterranean








Five years from now, I would like to occupy Gore Vidal’s house on the Italian Riviera, because the view of the Mediterranean is tremendous. I hear that the place has been vacant since the old man passed away and if at all possible I would like to make an offer before somebody snatches the place up.

I can’t do that right now, but things should change quickly as soon as I find the right agent and he or she finds the right publisher for my recently-completed two novel series on the adventures of a pair of female vegetarian ghosthunters. I seriously doubt that this process would take very long, as the stories have been carefully written and even edited. If by some chance this place is not available, I’m sure there is a nice hotel or villa nearby, where I could stay.



3 Responses to “Five Years Down the Road”

  1. Female vegetarian ghosthunters. I like that! True story: I landed my agent with a series about tween ghosthunters. It never sold, but it came close with quite a few publishers, and I got a book deal on the next book I wrote after.

  2. Wow! That is a gorgeous view!! I don’t think I could ever have a view like that, though. I’d never get any work done. 🙂

  3. Funny thing, I’m currently querying a MG story with ghosts. No real breakthrough in the query process though.

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