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This small New Mexico church located near the town of Navajo Dam has a very reflective interior, photo by author











Built in 1920, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on the San Juan River no longer has a regular congregation. For nowadays, it is surrounded by the Navajo Lake State Park in the stunning four corners region of the U.S. The church was closed when I cruised by on Sunday morning, but a return afternoon visit, revealed an open door and empty pews. Perfect place for someone in a reflective mood. Aided by the afternoon light being reflected off the ceiling, the camera also captured the somber spirit of the building.

6 Responses to “Reflecting”

  1. What a simple yet lovely church! How sad that there’s no longer a congregation.


  2. I think the church is a symbol of changing times. It is located near a large dam and surrounded by a state park. I don’t that these things were there when it was built in 1920.

  3. Beautiful image. The congregation is not visible yet there.

  4. A lovely spot for reflection.

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