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What Happened to Hillary Clinton’s Book Sales????

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What Happened Today (Sept.12)

Today, the day after the 16th anniversary of 911, was also book release day for Hillary Clinton’s latest memoir, What Happened?. The big event took place in Manhattan’s Barnes and Noble bookstore in Union Square, where hundreds of die-hard fans showed up to purchase their signed copy. A few brave souls even camped out overnight to see their hero. No speeches, no choice words, just a chance to stand in line, buy a book and then get it signed by the former Secretary of State. I don’t why she didn’t give her fans a short speech or just a few words of greeting, they deserved at least that much.

What’s Coming Up

The book tour is next. Today’s signing in NYC was free unless you decided to buy a book, but most stops on the book tour will not be. Fans, who want to get close to the former First Lady, who also made it to the White House as the first woman president, will have to pay some bucks for the opportunity. Her tour begins next week with a stop in our nation’s capitol and continues into December, when Mrs. Clinton visits Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.

A Case of Diminishing Return

Her first book sold well, Living History,  but her second, Hard Choices, did not do nearly as well as Living History. Just after one week of sales, Living History outperformed Hard Choices by a margin of  600,000 to 100,000. And after one month the margin was 1 million to 160,000 still about a six to one advantage for Living History. By November 2015, about the time things were just getting to roll, Hard Choices had racked up 340,000, a far cry short of Clinton’s first memoir, which sold well over 1.5 million copies.

What Happened Is Selling (a week later)

Just recently, Hillary released her seventh non-fiction effort with Simon Schuster. Though unlikely to match sales figures for Living History, it may still do well. In fact, What Happened has sold over 160,000 (hardback) in the first week, which is a big improvement from Hard Choices, but will likely not match the impressive sales figures of Living History.  Along with the hardback sales, there is also the e-book sales, which have also done quite well, pushing first week sales up to the 300,000 mark. But keep in mind here that the publishing industry tracks book sales of bestsellers through hardback copies, mot e-books.

Can Book Sales Determine Future Presidents

There is some evidence that having a best selling book or memoir is practically a pre-requisite for making it into the White House, especially in the 21st century. To make the point, all you have to do is look at our last three occupants of the White House (including the current one). All three have had popular best sellers that have outsold all competitors. This includes George W. Bush’s, Decisions Points, which sold 1.9 million, Barrack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope (540,000 in the first year) and Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal, which has sold over 1 million going all the way back to its 1987 release date. What is clear, is that for the major candidates, whoever sells the most books, will likely take the White House. With that in mind look for Al Franken to win the Dem nomination in 2020, but he may trouble beating Trump.

My Take

After the disappointing release of Hard Choices, I was surprised to see Hillary’s current release sell as well as it is doing right now. Since part of this blog was written on the day of her new book release, you can see it the writing.

However, the big story here is how important book sales may be in determining, who becomes president of the United States. The direct relationship between the two is very eerie. For Hillary, Living History, should have been good enough to put her back in the white house. But as we all know now, she was eclipsed by an even more popular writer and bookseller, Barrack Obama.



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