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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2018

Homer Simpson toasts with a friend

Ski Country Blues

Where I live in southern Colorado, winter has sort of passed us by and temperatures are above normal. So different from the rest of the country, where many are expecting snow in places, where the white stuff is rare. All the ski resorts out here are skiing on the man-made stuff and hoping Mother Nature will send some real winter weather soon before the winter season is gone. Things are expected to change this weekend, but not dramatically.

On a Personal Note

I just had an image of fine get featured on the online cover for a new literary magazine called Riggwelter, which has something to do with sheep. At least, it has a clip art image of an upside down sheep in the lower left corner. You can check out my picture here. It’s called From the Jupiter Cave. 

This pictures marks my online debut into the world of manipulated and manufactured images. Sometime down the line I will be explaining some of these pictures in detail, including why and how I made them. I may do this in conjunction with a Patron site so stay tuned.

P.S. Here’s the official definition of riggwelter that appears on the site of the journal.

riggwelter (verb) – a dialect word from the North of England. a sheep, having fallen onto its back, being unable to right itself is said to be riggweltered (e.g. bloody thing’s riggweltered again).

There you are. Now go out and have a happy and prosperous New Year. That’s an order.


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