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Bicycles parked in front of a Copenhagen statue sent the author’s mind wondering and helped create this very short story.


















The Story

Once upon a time in the ancient kingdom of Gdansk, there lived a very affable priest that not could get very many of the local residents to attend church on Sunday. “Too much remembering of the ancient Gods,” he would often say to his brethren of the cloth, who often as not would dismiss his complaints, as a sign of inexperience.

Finally, the young priest wrote to his superiors, who like his cohorts, could not come up with a solution to the persistent problem.

Eventually, the priest solved the problem himself by offering to bless the bicycles of the parishioners before they entered the holy space. T o commemorate the ingenuity of the young priest, modern day residents of the royal kingdom often leave bicycles at the foot of his statue to pay homage to his deeds.


2 Responses to “Story”

  1. A very creative solution to the challenge today.

  2. Actually, my response (using a picture as a prompt) is a definite diversion from the task at hand. But that’s what I enjoy doing sometimes.

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